Salomé Pirson and Marie Laurence Tixier share common values and a desire to convey them to their international clients. Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise and independence, we work very flexibly and provide customized service.


We master the different sectors in which we operate and work in partnership with the biggest international references. This allows us to provide you with an adjusted descriptive and estimative expertise. We carefully select lots for the quality of their origin, execution, uniqueness, and attractiveness at auctions. This selection meets the demands of the biggest collectors who regularly renew their trust in us.


Thanks to our network acquired over the years and online sales platforms, 70% of our clients are international. Depending on the works put up for sale, we target the most suitable customers all over the world and provide them with tailored after-sales service. Thanks to our experience, we have been able to build loyalty and mobilize this clientele during our sales.


An artwork is often a reflection of its owner, whether a collector, an informed or uninformed amateur. Each client is unique, as are all the works that pass through our hands. Therefore, we adapt and offer you specific solutions tailored to your needs. Thus, we will offer you the sales strategy that best suits you, both in terms of type, location, and date, but also through specific and adapted communication and promotion. Our goal is to achieve the sale that best corresponds to you and your property, in order to achieve the best possible result.


The "preloved" objects we offer are carriers of history and have the power to cross eras and generations. Choosing a "preowned" item, which by definition has already been owned by one or more owners, is now a necessity. Choosing Maurice Auction is an opportunity to limit mass production and consume better. Maurice Auction is proud to actively participate in this circular economy. Like us, make second-hand your first choice!