Maurice Auction team is at your disposal for inventory needs following a move, divorce, donation, sharing, or inheritance. We travel on demand throughout France and abroad to inventory your belongings in your homes, bank vaults, or professional offices. We handle all requests internally and work closely with independent experts and specialists on specific subjects. We also have close relationships with historians, curators, prescribers, and advisors specializing in certain sectors to provide you with precise expertise on your objects. We are then available to advise you on the next steps to take with this inventory and manage the administrative and logistical formalities that follow. We redirect you to an auction or private sale depending on your needs.


In some cases, your insurer may ask you to have an inventory made in order to determine the value of the objects you own by a professional in the art market. Therefore, we intervene at the insured address to provide you with an accurate list of your assets allowing you to have an insurance coverage that reflects their true value. This inventory, which is not part of an auction, is provided to you in typed form. We charge based on the number of estimated items or on the basis of a pre-discussed flat fee.


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